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HOPE Group was founded in 1997 by a family that struggled to find the necessary services for their young son, James who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.  HOPE Group has supported hundreds of children and families throughout the years.  Since 1997, HOPE Group has provided various services to those diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including individuals with Autism.  HOPE Group currently provides Habilitation and Respite Services, as well as now offers Employment Services.

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Direct one-on-one treatment is provided in home, and then generalized into the community, education setting or other setting as the client gains new skills.

HOPE Group Clinical is proud to announce the grand opening of a new early intervention center in Phoenix, Arizona on April 1st, 2022.

These services help other businesses review current utilization of authorizations, billing and best business practices.

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HOPE Group Clinical offers an array of services using the principles of applied behavior analysis, including comprehensive assessments, behavioral consulting, treatment plan development, data analysis, progress monitoring and direct treatment implementation by a qualified behavior technician under the supervision of our team of behavior analysts.